Friday 11 September 2020

How to Survive 2: What a Crap Game

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

To try progress a bit I decided to solo the herding of a few zombies for Kovac (which lags out in coop), as well as collecting some copper pulleys for bow upgrades all around. With Jim and DL we then try help Leslie destroy one of Kovac's zombie holding facilities but the game simply cannot handle the number of zeds being thrown our way now as we suffer disconnect upon disconnect. Thinking we can advance in a different manner, we attempt the Pylon-40 attack (#6), and not far in both Jim and I get disconnected, again due to having too many zombies, leaving DL the lone camp defender!

He somehow manages to win the battle at the cost of three traps on the East entrance and pretty much everything on the Western main entry. Once we reconnect we help him clean up the stragglers and rebuild the defenses but it's become clear this is as far as the game will let us play in multiplayer which reeks of bad design.

Going solo, I still manage to complete Leslie's task of destroying Kovac's zombie supply then getting vaccines for her, gaining a pet coyote for Madison, and learning Kovac has some sort of dead alien in the bunker basement - all because there are only a third of the zombies now. Unfortunately this now leaves me in another "leveling grind gap" which when played solo is really boring. With that, we bid this place farewell. It's a shame really, and I suppose it's now up to Kenji, Leslie, Madison and her coyote to fight against Kovac and his goons.

Stomping on a sewer croc while Madison kills zombies.

As it stands though, I can't recommend How to Survive 2 to anyone. Reports from DL and Jim indicate that How to Survive 1 (the first game) also suffered terrible connectivity/coop issues, so I say simply find a better zombie game that doesn't waste your time.

Insight: Egg launcher acid can kill gators even when they are submerged.

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