Thursday 24 September 2020


Proves you shouldn't go easy on kids.

When the son of an Indian drug lord is kidnapped by his rival, freelance specialist Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and his team are sent to retrieve the kid. Betrayals and lock downs make his job all the more difficult though, but they certainly make it more exciting for the viewer! With good action sequences and some particularly great chase and fight scene cinematography this is definitely a movie for action buffs.

If only I brought my hammer...

Acting wise the main players do their parts well and while the CGI is obvious in some places it gets a pass, but don't expect the plot to go deeper past the bullets and death. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and definitely want to watch it again. Highly recommended, at least for action fans or Chris Hemsworth fans. I give it 4 kids thrown off rooftops out of 5.


  1. I started watching this a few days after it came out, then got interrupted, and haven't felt any need/desire to go back and finish watching it. What I saw was just "generic action flick #1,525,237" and while I generally enjoy generic action flicks, I have been "in a different phase" lately or something.

    1. Mmm I think its worth the finishing off, at least when you are back to your generic action phase. ;)