Thursday 3 September 2020

How to Survive 2: Festivals of the Dead

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

In an appeal to get us working for him once more, Kovac sends us on strangely festive missions - clearing out a mardi gras festival, slaughtering through "Christmas Ville", saving a group of his fans hunted by a giant volatile in Chinatown, and fighting through the graveyard full of a zombified Jack O'Lantern cosplayers which somehow nets each of us pet bats!

It's always party time!

With a surplus of low grade ammo I've decided to switch to assault rifles too which has a great side effect of slowing sprinting zeds. This greatly helps when we assist the trappers in securing the wreckage and salvage of a nearby military plane crash. It does seem like the volatiles are getting far more numerous per night now though, and large zombie bears that make the ground shake when they walk have begun appearing in the forest.

None of this stops us from upgrading the camp to level 20 though and passing the Pylon-20 raid. The increased traps and wall strength helped us hold against the swarm, even though a small force led by one fatty in the final wave managed to break through our Northern watch tower. A minor loss that was easily replaced. Meanwhile the fans camp is progressing too as they've begun to construct a statue of their lord and saviour: Kovac.

Insight: The hook-blades from Chinatown are great melee weapons, but the Halloween event rewards steel tipped ammo which is worth farming at lower levels.

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