Tuesday 8 September 2020

How to Survive 2: It's Boring Now

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

It seems the trappers have lost some of their thief allies on their last run, and one of them even brought back a bite on the leg as a souvenir. We agree to help as damage control against the massive swarm of zombies they attracted to the nearby city. This proves to be good practice for when we activate the pylon back at base for attacks number 3 and 4. With Jim and DL competing for who can create the better murder corridor (its a tie) the zombie swarms have no chance in even getting close as the traps, covered by egg-launcher fire, proves too much for them - resulting in easy wins and few repairs.

The front defenses.

Unfortunately things have gotten a bit boring now as a result, especially with quests so spaced apart level wise. We've resorted to hunting fatsos for the fans ("Survivors Report") for fast and easy XP. It also drops a good amount of medicinal herbs and a few random zombie pelicans who we like now since it is their bile that makes egg-launcher ammo. Speaking of zombie fauna, the latest creature is the deadliest: zombie rabbits! While the brown variety is easily soloable, the white vorpal bunnies are absolute monsters. Small, fast, individually tougher than those zombie waves and extremely hard hitting none of us have successfully managed to solo one of these yet. We can only hope they don't decide to all band together one day and attack our camp...

The back defenses.

Insight: We have finally worked out how to fight the lag monster in this game: stay together and always kill zombies you come across. The more zombies that are awake the more chance you have of a session disconnecting.

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