Wednesday 16 September 2020

Wheels of Aurelia

A driving game where the driving isn't very important.

Set in old Italy and with groovy graphics and music to boot, you play as a goth lesbian who is just trying to get away from it all... or perhaps to catch up to someone? The short and replayable story can go many directions mostly based on your choices made while talking to the people in your car (hitch hikers ahoy), and some choices made by taking different roads available.

You can pick up some real creeps.

If you think trying to pick the correct timed response while driving a vehicle is annoying, you are correct! Especially if you happen to be taking part in a race or for some reason are being chased by the police! Fortunately the driving part doesn't really matter as you can freely smash into almost anything without penalty. It's a cute little game that gets repetitive not long after your first play through. Worth a try if you can get it for free or are super curious but not one I really recommend. I give it 2 discos out of 5.

Insight: You need to constantly tap space to boost.

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