Sunday 13 September 2020

Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments

Where you too can be an insufferable know it all.

Playing as the great detective (no, not Batman), you must use your wits to solve a number of who dunnits by critically examining evidence, being able to tell when witnesses are lying, and casually conducting experiments to find facts. Other than the experiment part the other two are a bit of a 3D pixel finding mission and the game itself is one big backtracking machine. Expect to walk into invisible walls and see the loading screen of Holmes in a carriage many, many times.

Can't solve why my save file got corrupted though, can he?

The good parts? The graphics are fantastic and the voice acting is decent. I especially like the deduction screen which is the most alien thing when you first reach it but its what ultimately makes you eliminate suspects, confront the guilty parties, and solve mysteries. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish this one as my save seems to have gotten corrupted. Not sure if that's from the game itself or something to do with the Epic Launcher but I wanted to put that here just so that people are aware.

More importantly, the game isn't good enough for me to actually go fix that problem so read into that how you will. If you like mysteries and/or Sherlock Holmes it's probably still worth a look though - I give what I saw of it 2.5 missing trains out of 5.

Insight: If you don't examine the blood on the corner of that notebook, you're going to be stuck on case #1 for a long time.

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