Friday, 14 January 2022

Better Alternatives

Some games just don't cut the mustard.

While True (Learn) is a programming puzzle with a most boring interface watching cubes flow through a data stream. It almost feels like Automachef, just with all the food and joy stripped out. Learn Game Development, Unity Code Monkey is a better programming learning tool but you need to take notes as you play. Or you can go the other way with One Dreamer Prologue: A very cool and short adventure game that lets you play with some basic programming while experiencing a simple yet touching story. Both of those are free on Steam.

GodFall Challenger Edition is an action brawler with super nice graphics but a questionable fixed camera and some BS enemy spawning. Furthermore, right after the tutorial you are "boosted" to level 50 and tossed into the deep end as player content for some multiplayer grinding. A better free alternative is Warframe, which gives far greater variety in things to do.

That doesn't scream "please be our end game content" does it?

Lastly we'll reverse the formula a bit: Dark Souls is great and if you want a "Souls" game, just play or replay any of that series. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, made by the same company, is not a bad replacement but your character is far more agile and obviously has a more oriental setting. Nioh also has that oriental setting but uses the story to force an European hero on it (is that you Geralt?) and ends up being plain weird. The free Blood Spear and The Fallen on Steam certainly have the feel of a Souls game but understandably lacks the depth while Salt and Sanctuary feels like a 2D Dark Souls where you collect/lose salt instead but loses a lot by being a platformer.

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