Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Full Versions - Worth it or Not?

A trio whose free samples got me interested.

The Plane Effect

This wordless puzzle game hooked me with its interesting concept and really stylish art. It was also on the cusp of something strange when the demo ended. In the full version, it goes full tilt into the strange territory but becomes really annoying in later areas. My particular peeve is the main character doesn't do stuff when you tell him to. For example he won't pick up a "plainly in view" pickaxe if you haven't first found and interacted where the pickaxe would be used. Stuff like that permeates the later levels and just really ruins the experience. Not recommended.

Family Man

This blocky graphic game is an excellent example of how to do an intro, and the premise of owing the mob hooked me in the demo. I'm happy to report the full game makes it even better, where you must balance your family's happiness, health and hunger with repaying the ever increasing daily debt to your black mailer. Doing dirty work for him and others also pays more money but lowers the state of your town while being good might lead to financial hardship. Very cool and one I recommend.


Toy Tinker Simulator

This relaxing and addictive game of disassembling, cleaning and repairing old toys was a surprise joy for me - so much so that I completed the entire 10 toys in the beta. The full product is more of the same which is great, except now they added GRIND. WTF dude. So to access the more complicated toys you need more money to buy the proper equipment to handle them, and to get more money you will be going over the same low level toys over and over. Sure this teddy bear is red, the next one is blue, the next one looks like a dog, etc. but since they all share the same process that you repeat over and over... shit, they just killed their own game by sucking the joy out of it. Not recommended.


  1. It boggles the mind that devs would think that people would play a game just for the grind. Ugh.

    1. Yep. Such a missed opportunity there, oh well. Morons design for hamsters I guess?