Thursday, 27 January 2022

Dexter and Dexter: New Blood

Everyone's favorite serial killer.

Mild mannered Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is an excellent blood splatter analyst working for the Miami Metro but also moonlights as a serial killer who takes out criminals that managed to evade the justice system, then chops them up and makes their bodies "vanish". Ok I lied. He is actually a serial killer that moonlights as law enforcement and somehow manages to stay under everyone's radar most of the time through 8 seasons, +1 with Dexter: New Blood which takes place after the first series. He is always fun to watch and each season brings a new nemesis.

Sometimes it gets messy.

Obviously as a crime drama, there is a bit on the drama side too as on top of all of this Dexter tries to balance family on top of everything else. It's a little annoying at times, but still works for the story. Great plot magics also take place from time to time that either see the usually meticulous Dexter goof up (to let bad guys continue in the story) or more often the law enforcement representatives miss obvious steps or procedures that surely would have caught on to crimes (to let both Dexter and the bad guys continue in the story). Still a very good show, but maybe not for those that dislike some gore (usually implied but sometimes visceral). Recommended!

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