Sunday, 9 January 2022

GTFO: R6B2 - Contaminant (Main)

Due to the holidays it's been awhile since we've managed to play GTFO together, but that didn't stop Archer from racking up hours of experience on his own to the point of leading the team (he joined late though haha)! Good job buddy. :) This time around we are looking for an HSU cocoon thing to scan and this level introduces infectious fog. The longer you stay in, the more infection you have and any health OVER your total infection slowly bleeds away. It's yucky! Fog repellers are your best friend here. Our load out this time is as follows:

Jim: Bullpup/Shotgun/C-Foam/Hammer
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Me: Pistol/Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Spear

Of the security scans in your immediate area the one you want to do first is the door to Z59 with a class IV alarm. If you close both doors into the room AND close the large double door leading from the drop point into the hallway, the enemies will only attack the small door. With Jim on cfoam duty this makes the scan easy. A mine and turret help end the wave once we let them in. Continue clearing East, being mindful of the fog. The class III alarm door to Z60 is actually sitting in the fog itself so you need to use a fog repeller just to start it up. If both doors to this room are closed all the enemies will only come from the upstairs one, so prep as required.

Z60 is full of fog so just repeller walk - you are looking for boxes or cabinets that contain the key card. Once you have it get out of there and head back to the start. If you need more supplies you can open the non-alarm Z58 door just to the left of the drop point, but it does have giant guards so only steal what is easy. Once done you need to hit the blood door to the North. We mined it and also mined the double door leading to the drop point (one person triggers the door and retreats all the way, shutting the second door behind them. This deals with most of the blood door spawn but we still needed to put down a pair of hybrids who are best fought from behind cover. When they shoot it is beautiful. And painful. :P

Archer joined us at this point and after loading up with fog repellers we continue on to door Z62 which is a checkpoint door and non-alarm door Z63. Both these zones have safe upstairs areas with poison fog downstairs. Use fog repellers to cross safely. After clearing Z63 (probably by shooting into the air to get the sleepers in the fog to come up) set up turrets and mines at the door in. Opening the class IV door to Z65 is next and the scan circles WILL take you into the fog. While we did the scans, Archer returned to the door to buy us time. Somewhere in that warehouse zone is the bulkhead key. Again the upper levels are safe while the lower ones are not.

Find the key and bail back to Z63 and plug in the bulkhead key. We are only doing the MAIN mission here so that's what we picked. This powers the class IV alarm door to Z64 and again, circles will appear in the fog. Expect more CQC this time as enemies now have two doors to spawn from so odds of fighting a wave in the fog are high but shotguns help. The HSU is somewhere in Z64, along with a disinfect station (yay) and a scout (shit). Once you are ready, team scan the HSU - which serves as a checkpoint and an error alarm which means infinite waves will start coming for you.

Luckily these are only waves of four and there is a decent delay between them so make your way to the now visible extraction scan and don't rush too much especially since you can close and foam doors behind you. There's another scan blocking your way forward as well as a blood door in the fog. There's a truck right in front of it you can stand on to avoid being poisoned though, but be diligent enough to set a mine and turrets (I put mine the other way to hit chasers) before opening. That is your last obstacle before getting to the extract circle to GTFO!

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