Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Funny Freebies and Free Stories

A double whammy of free games on Steam.

I love RPG maker games that have little to zero combat and instead focus on story and a lot of meaningful choices, and that's exactly what The Ghost Cage is. You have just moved into a haunted house and need to deal with the cute ghost in whatever manner you see fit. If you prefer some light combat in your RPGs then you might instead try Unsung Kingdom where you play a band of time travelers sent back to save a great king. The story moves at a good pace, weapons dictate abilities, areas are small enough to be meaningful, and combat is quick which is helpful since there is a tiny bit of grind required especially towards the end. Still a good game. Last up for the "story" segment of this post is The Colossus is Coming - a first person interactive experience that takes place in a very small playing area where you have to find and listen to five cassette tapes. It's very different.

Now if "story" is not your thing and you just want to have a laugh, you might want to try Laserboy, a funny action game where you have been implanted with an eye that fires a powerful beam every six or so seconds. This beam is strong enough to destroy items, kill people and push you back and if you his a wall you bounce in the opposite direction. The main objective in each level is to reach the exit with the LEAST amount of damage. I didn't expect much from this but it turned out to be pretty fun! The same can be said for There is no Game, a brilliant little experience that tries its best to convince itself it isn't a game. Needs a bit more thinking though, and if you like having to think then Clay Game might be for you - it's a hilarious 3D puzzler with a pretty unique look that involves some minor platforming but a LOT of thinking, especially towards the end. I quite enjoyed it.

The harder puzzles of Clay Game definitely warrant this.

There you have it, I hope there's something in here that you enjoy too!

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