Monday, 10 January 2022

GTFO: R6C2 - Blind (Main)

I hope you enjoyed the poison fog in R6B2 because here it is MUCH WORSE! This time we need to lug three cells to power generators that actually increase the level of infectious fog to the point of not being able to see. The general rule here is to keep all the cells together and drop them near security doors. Our load out is the same as before:

Jim: Bullpup/Shotgun/C-Foam/Hammer
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Me: Pistol/Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Spear

First stop is the non-alarm door to Z117 which is just a supply room but also holds the fog repellers you need to live through the next section. It is guarded by giants and wall cancers aka "spitters". Get too close and these spit, giving you infection. You can temporarily stun them by shining your light on them, but remember your light wakes up sleepers. Now is also a good time to talk about stealth killing giants, which can be done if they are far enough away from anything else. As a team, get into range and call out which limb you are going for. The idea is to break limbs (legs, arm, head) before going for chest shots as each limb break causes a stagger and buys more time for a follow up attack.

At a terminal, you might want to query where those generators are to help you find them as you advance through the next bits.

Once you are loaded up with fog repellers go into non-alarm door Z118 and from this point on expect both poison fog in the lower sections and scouts with near zero visibility. Spear killing is handy. Use some parkour to stay out of the fog by going over boxes and onto bridges and ramps that lead to nowhere while you head East. After a large "hill" you'll need to do a class IV alarm to Z119 with circles in the fog and soon you should find a fog turbine which will keep the fog away provided someone holds it. Move together, and now be on the look out for c-foam grenades which you want to save till later.

Map continues to the right (pic below).

Down some stairs to the South is a blood door to Z121 so set a mine and single turret at the bottom then trigger and come up to the top of the staircase to fight the wave which will include hybrids. Archer's 2 shot scatter gun is super effective flanking the top of the stairs and in that zone is the first generator. If you head directly North you'll find a class III cluster alarm door to Z120. Shut all three doors to this zone and focus defenses on the small South West one (but still mine the big South one too). This will be annoying in the fog but in that zone is a terminal you can type RESTART VENTILATION SYSTEM to give you a reprieve from the fog. Also it's a small room with more supplies.

Once geared up its time to push on Eastwards through regular scan Z122 which again contains spitting cancers on top of the usual sleepers/scout. Clear the zone and setup for an absolutely BS class V scan to Z123. Plug in cell #2 into the nearby generator to power the door and summon the fog. Turrets and fighting well in these lousy conditions is all you can do and should you survive the door also turns into a CHECKPOINT SCAN. YAY! (don't hold anything while it saves, just eat the infection)
Z123 has sleeping babies which are basically harder to hit strikers and gives a hint of what's coming up. Murder them all and clear the bulkhead control room (the bulkhead key is in this same zone somewhere). Then we did the optional blood door to the North, fighting hybrids again. Inside is a smallish zone with supplies and a disinfect station (huzzah, we can use med kits again) and then unlock the MAIN mission at the bulkhead controls.

The remainder of the "main" mission is past the Mother's room to the South East.

Head back to the first room you saw baby sleepers and take the stairs up to find the non-alarmed bulkhead door. For this we had DL hold the fog turbine while the rest of us had c-foam grenades ready. As soon as the door opens, walk in boldly and c-foam the MOTHER in this room. Once paralyzed, the shotguns and scatter gun made quick work of her destroying the tumors on her back. This is the safest way to fight a mother. This creature doesn't actually attack, instead it either farts blinding poison gas and flees or births a clutch of babies. Don't let it do either.

Another regular non-alarm scan and a generator powered (cell #3) blood door will be in your way, as well as a heavy presence of scouts. Spear guy, expect to take some infection. Also helps that DL's sniping skills can cover any that I goof (needed one)! Survive that and you get a fast and free extract to GTFO! Huzzah!

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