Friday, 21 January 2022

Titanfall 2

Awesome single player. Servers can't connect for multiplayer.

In this first person shooter you play a parkouring "pilot", a soldier with special abilities - the best of which is you get a hulking robot buddy to help you absolutely wreck the opposition soldiers and their hulking robots. Easy controls, nice graphics and cool environments make this a joy to play, but it can get challenging in later levels where there are just so many bad guys!

Some awesome scenery too.

A good working method I use is pilot the robot to kill infantry and be on foot to fighting multiple enemy robots (they usually target your robot buddy). The story is quite enjoyable too, but after its done the game expects you to go into multiplayer mode which simply just didn't work for me. Recommended if you are looking for a quick and enjoyable shooter that you can finish in a day or so but stay away if you were expecting anything more.

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