Sunday, 9 January 2022

Free Jumble

A small mismatched group of free Steam games that may interest some.

Starting off with a different one - 100 Hidden Frogs. I've seen a lot of this "100 Hidden" series but this is the first I've seen that is totally free. All you need to do is click on each of the 100 frogs which colors them in, provided you can find them in the nice art piece they hide in. Obviously not very replayable, but if you like it there are loads of others all for a very low amount of cash.

For those who like their games "dark" in theme, you might try the point and click The Supper where you run a sea side tavern. It's a short game that's not too difficult. If you prefer a first person experience I recommend Ginko where you are armed with a magic needle and thread. It's all fun and games until the monster appears, then it becomes awesome. I quite like that it also doesn't cheat like Slenderman. It actually chases you and you must outrun and outwit it.

Last are a pair of simulation games with unfortunate titles. Accident - The Pilot is a well rendered first person game in which you take the role of a first responder to an accident scene, and there are two in this demo. Good graphics, good controls, and while it won't beat a real class it's still a good lesson especially for anyone without first responder training. Makes me want to try the full version, but also not because it feels bad when you screw up and fail to save people. :(

The clock is ticking.

Barn Finders - The Pilot is much more lighthearted. Proving that one man's garbage is another man's treasure, this first person simulator has you retrieving materials from various locations and taking them back to your shop to clean, repair and sell. Surprisingly cool, and does a great job getting me interested in the full game.

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