Sunday, 16 January 2022

GTFO: R6D1 - Nemesis (Main)

This time around we are starting the bottom most floor. Strap in for a long trek, and I hope you've practiced your red light / green light stealth as you are going to need it! "Captain" Archer led us again today, and our loadouts are a little different as per his requests:

Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
Me: Pistol/Sniper/Burst Sentry/Spear
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Jim: DMR/Shotgun/Bio Tracker/Hammer

The top center of this map isn't complete but it should be enough to plan by.

From the drop you are introduced to a pitch black and poison fog level, and this will be the case for awhile so make use of the Bio Tracker to help path your way North while lugging the matter projector until you reach and unlock non-alarm door to Z85. I'll call this room the central chamber. It is full of scum of all sizes that you must SNEAK PAST because THIS ROOM RESPAWNS. The only good news is you can drop the matter projector anywhere on the floor here and ignore it until the end. There's also a fog turbine here which we just ignored - just stay above the fog! You want to head East now into Z87 (no alarm) and continue sneaking to Z88 (no alarm but there are two scouts in here) and eventually the map will turn North to Z89 (no alarm, empty room) and Z90 no alarm checkpoint door. Ideally you haven't fired a shot before reaching here.

Z90 is a reactor room that contains lots of gear. Carefully move all the packs closer to your hold spot, which for us was upstairs, stacked on the right side when looking at the door we came through. The terminal is right below and during the four waves Archer went down to type in the code provided on screen. After wave 1 we deployed sentry turrets on each staircase to help with flyers and we threw c-foam grenades for waves three and four when Archer was downstairs scatter gunning hybrids. After the scan is done immediately return to the previous room and split the team on both staircases to flank a father / tank as it arrives. Like a mother, you need to destroy the bulbs on his back but he is far more aggressive and able to attack 360 degrees around him. Luckily you have the terrain advantage here so it shouldn't be too bad as he keeps changing his mind on who to attack.

Completing the reactor turns on all the lights (yay) and now its time to sneak all the way back West through the central chamber and to the Z91 checkpoint door. Parkour across the warehouse shelves where you can to avoid the fog as you continue West and past the Z94 door which needs a key. Note SKIP 91E which is to the South. Eventually you will reach the class VM alarm door to Z93. Shut and mine all the doors between you and the warehouse area and we put our turrets just outside the door closest to us which we also c-foam grenaded. Do the scan and win the fight, which isn't so bad if you prepared properly. After winning you'll find the Z93 door has transformed into a checkpoint scan - yay! Good thing too because you are now entering scout land.

For us, the very next room contained two scouts (Archer and I on bop duty) and the next room with the key had three scouts! Collect the key and escape back to Z94 which you walked past earlier. You'll see it as you walk back towards the warehouse section to the North. Main things in here are a disinfect station and a terminal to activate the air filtration which removes the fog altogether! Huzzah! Time to head back to the central chamber and this time, you need to clear it as quietly (ammo efficiently) as possible. Note: there are numerous stairs down which you can and should access now as part of the cleanse. Once done, mine all of the said staircases and the three doors in then go downstairs to find a class VI alarm Apex door! All of these are team scans so move together and keep everyone standing. Turrets are deployed per spot, then pick up deployed etc. I hope you saved your ammo because now is the time to use it. As Archer commands "All of it, don't hold anything back". And boy did we need it.

The alarm door also turns into a checkpoint scan once you are done which is great. Collect and use all the gear you find in the next room and drag the matter projector to the teleporter which then puts you on a very vertical cliff facing facility devoid of enemies. Before doing anything else, get ALL the gear and load up - moving useful medkits and ammo up to the very top floor where there are two lookout towers and a cave which DL reverse waterfall mined (place mines on the floor facing up). Archer and I parkoured up two rock things to put both turrets facing East, and we all took note of the tower that has a good roof - it's important. Once all set, head one floor down to the terminal to input the needlessly long command displayed then run back upstairs and begin the BOSS FIGHT.

An ugly giant kraken type thing will show up and it has two main attacks: Spit a wave of flyers (also does this when it gets injured) or a missile strike similar to the hybrids. If it missile strikes and targets you, you need to either get into the tower with the good roof or the cave. To win, you must find the cancerous growths that randomly spawn one at a time on it and shoot it until it explodes (FYI it takes 5 sniper shots to destroy one, hence I also brought a sniper rifle today).  If the flyer army gets too severe (and it will) run back and deal with them in the cave, remembering they cannot actually hit you if you strafe. After enough growths are popped the giant creature will drop back down out of view and you will be teleported back to the facility while a voice over plays.While it does so...


Fun note: If your team doesn't mind doing the entire thing blind and with 100% infection (health constantly dropping), when you first enter the central chamber you can just go downstairs and immediately do the class VI alarm Apex door in pitch black fog. From there you get a checkpoint and then teleport to the boss fight (lots of medkits if you make it here). Obviously you need to win quick or not get hit, then vacate ASAP. The youtube link here is of speed runners doing this very thing, completing the mission we took around 3 hours to complete in under 10 minutes. :P

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