Monday, 24 January 2022

The Witcher (Netflix) vs The Wheel of Time

Two pretty good fantasy series.

The Witcher (Netflix)

Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunting witcher in this high budget series that has some really good visuals, casting and world building. Pacing seems to be the main problem with is show as season 1 has numerous time skips per episode which thankfully is lessened in season 2, but still present. There are also episodes where things just move way too slowly and some where magic is incredibly OP (I guess mages are just lazy otherwise there's no need for witchers) and lastly, despite the title the show doesn't focus soley on Geralt which might be a problem for some as they take a more Game of Thrones approach at times. Still very good and recommended as I look forward to season 3.  

The Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike stars as Moiraine, an Aes Sedai in search of the Dragon Reborn who is prophecied to be the one to either save or destroy the world. The budget is clearly not as high as the Witcher, but this fast paced tale gets its hooks in you quick and brings a more exciting story all up for season 1. Obvious problems here seem to tie in to political correctness where people in a remote village are cast super diversely where infact they should almost all be cousins by now sharing "the old blood" and most of the time girl power is the only way to save which I think is baked into the source material. Don't expect this (or the Witcher) to follow the books though. Still very entertaining and in my opinion, the superior of these two shows for now. Looking forward to season 2.

Moiraine wins.

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