Monday, 3 January 2022

Free Action

Feel like dishing out some pain but are on a budget? Here are a few free action games on Steam that could cure that itch for you, starting with Roller Riot which is an excellent two button brawler much like One Finger Death Punch, but with better art. I quite like this one and still regularly hop in for five minute sessions!

If you prefer to blast your way through bad guys instead then Perdition might interest you - its a pretty cool little first person shooter where you must fight alien invaders. Should the blocky graphics there turn you off you might instead want to try the Russian made over the shoulder shooter Orange Cast which sports fantastic visuals as you Uber soldier your way through everything. There are some flaws in the English translation though.

My last recommendation is a super addictive, casual on the rails shooter called Cover Fire. While there is a cash shop presence, "energy" usage and grind I really liked this well made game so much that I've racked up more than 12 hours on it, without spending a cent. Highly recommended!

Sniping from a helicopter to a moving boat is... challenging.

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