Saturday, 1 January 2022

EXIT: The Game - The Pharaoh's Tomb

Difficult almost to the point of being unfair.

The "EXIT" series are all escape room type scenarios where you get some basic instructions, a deck of riddle cards, a deck of answer cards, a deck of hint cards, and a decoder disc that tells you what answer card to look at. Most of which have a huge red X to indicate you are wrong. LOL.

Pretty close to being "pain in a box".

Most importantly, you are not supposed to look at anything you haven't been given "access" to yet as to not spoil the game. Other than that, you are free to fold, cut, burn and do whatever you want to the game components as EVERYTHING will only be used once. That's right. Play through once and toss it in the bin.

Unless you love observation and logic, you'd best stay away from this as it is hard. We had more than the recommended number of people (1-4) and we still took over three hours AND used around six hints before we could finish the game.

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