Monday, 29 November 2021

November 2021 Review: The Crusader

This free games crusade I'm undertaking on the Steam store is much bigger than I thought! So much so that I'll be adding a new section to my end of month posts for them, including a "highlights" section to spruik the ones I liked the best in case you missed them.

Otherwise I've been enjoying a number of shows including the popular Squid Game. If you've already seen that or don't care to watch it at all, I recommend watching TwoSetViolin's Squid Game: Music Edition on youtube (turn close captions on for more fun). It's very cool! Here's a hint as to the other show I'm really enjoying...

Crusade of the Free: 210 games this month, 210 total.

Free Games Highlights this month that you must try:
Dinner with an Owl - show casing that sometimes less is more in this short point and click adventure.

Liquidators - a first person game where you must stop the meltdown at the Chernobyl reactor. No monsters, still horrifying.

High Entropy Challenges - first person stealth puzzler with short levels and is the best free game so far.

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Hmm I wonder if Strange Brigade's position is helped by DL's video link of it. Also it's not surprising that it's Morrigan's Dragon Age story that makes it to the top three, but I am surprised Sera's one was a close fourth. :)

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