Monday 23 January 2023

"Solved" Board Games

Tips to increase your odds of winning.

Much like that Sky Force Reloaded tip previously, I thought I'd put some quick ones for games I'm familiar with. Obviously some spoilers and some obvious ones below!

All D&D Adventure systems games: always open tiles if you can

Castle Panic with Engines of War / Wizards Tower: Use the catapult and the magic spells

Crokinole: try flick froma 90 degree angle above for a straight shot

Cthulhu Death May Die: rush the objectives when you can

Dark Souls Card Game: 2 battles, campfire, boss 1, campfire, then try for boss 2

Five Minute Dungeon: play with max players to avoid getting "stuck"

Forbidden Sky: only put wiring once you have all the conduits ready

The Grizzled: first hand is most important while everyone has abilities, go big

Horrified: save villagers when you can as the reward cards are very strong

Last Bastion: fight from corners, switch the flag

Legends of Andor: spy glass the fog and focus on the mission

Legends of Andor 2: use the boat a lot, it saves moves if everyone is on it

Maximum Apocalypse: try end on tiles with numbers on the edges of a 2D6 spectrum

The Night Cage: try not to open tiles that are in line with allies

Operation Flashpoint: Fire Rescue - save people closest to the exits, make use of fire truck

Paleo: seek out scenario cards, they usually have painting pieces

Police Precinct: focus on murder investigation

Robinson Crusoe: avoid rolling dice

Shadowrift: if going for walls, go all in and never pollute your deck with anything other than might or heroism. Otherwise you are going for rifts (even if you declare going for "both", you really mean rifts in this case) which everyone should prep for.

Shadows over Camelot: collect lots of cards first and do grail quest together

The Witching Hour Mod: one player (usually dwarf) ignore your quests and farm requirements for allies

Xenoshyft: don't waste money on cheap units and keep strong guys at both sides of line

Zombicide (all variants): keep track of remaining figures, you don't want to open a big area and have things get lots of extra moves

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