Saturday 7 January 2023

Maximum Apocalypse

Don't settle for a regular apocalypse!

This 1-6 player cooperative card game has players moving about the tile constructed map to complete objectives through 10 scenarios where you'll be facing zombies, mutants, robots and aliens - afterwards just whack them all together and see how you go! :P

I'm going to start with negatives: the box packing is lousy. As soon as I opened it I looked got a bunch of resealable sandwich bags for each card set and tossed out the box insert. Even with this system setting up an packing away takes a reasonable amount of time. That said, once it's all setup turns go very smoothly.

Each character has their own deck and you start with four cards open. Usually you also start with a monster (they just follow you around until you kill them). Then on your turn:

1) roll the 2D6 monster dice and if any tile shows that number put a monster token there
2) open a card from your deck
3) do four actions which are either moving or using cards
4) take damage from any monster in front of you
5) increase your hunger d6 die, and get hunger damage if its already at 6

Then its the next players turn. I quite like that each character also has their own role too: the tanky fireman, tinkery engineer, DPS gunslinger, murderous doctor, jack of all trades veteran and far-seeing scout are unique and useful in the right situations.

Very enjoyable game, and I'm eager to test the mixed opponent decks next time I pull it out. I have to say the mid-game convoy mission vs robots is easily the hardest though, so just look out for that!

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