Wednesday 4 January 2023

Monopoly Deal Card Game and Secret Code

Kids games that I'm terrible at! :P

Secret Code

Basically a rebranded "Mastermind", this two player game has one player set 4 (or 5) colored pins behind a shield and it is the other player's job to match the colors (8 choices) in the correct sequence. The Code setter then verifies how many are correct colors in wrong spots and how many are just correct but not necessarily which ones are correct. I rate it a "meh".

Monopoly Deal

This competitive 2-5 player card game goes much faster than the original Monopoly. On a players turn, every one draws a random "money" card (which could also be an action card like: steal someone's property or block a steal), play an action card if you want to, then open a property card to bid on. Whoever bids highest wins the property, then its the next person's turn.

The objective is to collect 3 "sets" of property, easily distinguished by colors to win. It's worth mentioning once a "set" is completed it can no longer be targeted by steals and such. The result is a blitz-speed game with some light strategy and some heavy luck in the money draws. Quite fun!

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