Wednesday 30 January 2019

Forbidden Sky

Electrifying fun!

After escaping a sinking island and a burning desert you now find yourself on a floating platform where you must power up a rocket ship by wiring series circuit using the raging lightning storm all around you while trying to fight the high winds and evade getting zapped  yourself!

Cooperative game play here is definitely required as players get to "build" the platform based on the tiles they scout (less randomness than Forbidden Desert), keeping in mind the length of the provided "wire" components and the main objective which requires a loop be built among the required components.

Wiring up the rocket is great fun!

Harder difficulties require a bigger loop, while easier ones can be completed faster with less materials. That said, we've already won the Legendary mode of this game - unlike the previous two where you need to race to win, this one requires a good dose of caution and more thinking. As before, one player dies - it's game over for all!

Definitely an enjoyable game and one I can recommend! It gets it 5 lightning strikes out of 5. We particularly enjoyed activating the rocket. :P

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