Monday 9 January 2023


In this cooperative 1-6 player deck building game, you are tasked with defending a town from a variety of invading monsters. You can win in one of two ways: constructing 8 walls or closing a number of the titular Shadowrifts from which the enemies spawn from (you need to close the same number as players) BEFORE the town is overrun with corpses.

Yes, every time a towns person dies the card is replaced by a corpse card and if on any turn the active townies are all corpses (or a mix of corpses and bad dudes) you instantly lose. On the flip side, you (as players) can't actually die as you can hold an infinite amount of wound cards from battle - though that eventually does mess up your active hand too.

Nice art and cool ideas in this game, but there's not a lot of deck building required if you are going for the wall win strategy as you are already optimized for that from the start. So far we've played five of the six enemy factions and the strategy has worked for us against four of them (that fifth one was just focused on breaking walls and stealing money lol). Interesting game, but not as fighty as you might like and a bit heavy on setup time. DL also has a review!

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