Monday, 26 November 2018

The Witching Hour (Witcher Adventure Game / Coop)

It's a vast improvement.

The Witcher: Adventure Game has long been at or near the bottom of my favorite games list, mainly because of the dull game play mechanics combined with the dumb idea of making the game PvP.

That doesn't really fit the group of characters provided, since they are almost always allies, and more importantly - a good PvP game makes you care when your opponent is taking action. See El Grande or Lords of Waterdeep.

Great components deserved another picture!

In the base game you can and will often zone out while other players take their turn because its rare that anything they do will really affect you.

Not willing to let the investment, or the nice components go to waste, I decided to try out The Witching Hour fan mod variant, which adds a page of rules for a coop variant to the game and it is a significant improvement.

Chasing the fast moving enemy token on the victory track adds tension, and suddenly you are trying to coordinate with others to chase it down. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must have add-on and actually gives this game a chance of making it back to the regular gaming table.

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