Tuesday 3 January 2023

Avatar: The Way of Water and the 100 (TV Series)

Featuring humans from space!

Avatar: The Way of Water

After betraying the greedy humans in the first movie to become a big blue cat person, Jake (Sam Worthington) has had a number of years of peace on Pandora - time enough to raise a litter of blue cat people - when the Sky People (humans) suddenly return. Having (stupid) kids has made Jake a coward, so he eventually takes his brood far away to try hide but since this is an action movie that doesn't work for long.

Like the previous flick the graphics here are gorgeous, and while there is almost too much time spent on the silly kids and the plot is just ok, there is more than enough violence to keep me happy here and to look forward to the next movie. Recommended!

The 100

After almost a hundred years of living on a space station, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if the nuclear radiation has dissipated enough to make it is survivable. Why delinquents? Because adults found guilty of crimes are quickly executed. Also that space station is quickly running out of air.

What I thought would be a silly, teenage drama with a light survival story is actually the opposite. It's all about survival and what the characters are willing to do for it. Good acting, good script (though it is really flaky with magic medicine and gets more and more far out there as the seasons go along) and an incredibly high death count which regularly includes main characters. Highly recommended!

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