Wednesday 18 January 2023

Ecosystem (Card Game)

In this little card drafting game up to 6 players are trying to create the best ecosystem they can by playing a 5x4 grid of 20 cards. Each type of card unique points based on what they are or are not next to which sounds messy at first, but its actually super simple to tally up at the end. Best of all (for me) that while it is competitive, there are no direct attacks against other players.

There is a simple elegance in how it is played - everyone gets 10 cards, picks one to play, then passes their entire hand clockwise and so on. After all 10 are done, everyone gets another 10 cards to do the same again, except the cards are now passed counter clock wise. As a result this goes rather quickly and is fast to setup and take down.  Recommended!

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