Tuesday 10 January 2023

Warframe: Gyre and Volt

A pair of electrical themed frames that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum!


This warframe is one you'll get late in the game as it is only available through Zariman bounties. The Gyre is a clockwork dancer who uses her gears to make lots of sparks and passively gains 10% crit chance per electricity stack on her target! To aid with this she has an ability to increase her criticals even more while recharging energy, create a swirl of electricity around her and has a choice of two electrified balls she can toss that explode with more electricity!

Despite being a light show and a crit monster I found Gyre to be somewhat flimsy. It's hard work to zap people and avoid damage due to the short ranges of her abilities (*maybe not so bad if you build for max range), especially since those balls aren't the best projectiles around. If you want a lightning based frame, the one below is a much better choice.


Either selected as a starter frame or researched from at the Dojo, the Volt is basically the Flash complete with lightning powers. He can electrocute a small number of foes with his first ability or a huge number of foes with his last, run and melee super fast (and get his allies to do so as well, though he can't run as fast as Gauss), and create an electrical shield that blocks enemy fire but greatly improves allied fire that passes through it. This is Juris' favorite frame and one of the best in the game as his abilities synergize very well.

The speed is awesome in most missions as it can also speed up escort targets and the shield is great in defense and against bosses - Eidolons in particular as the shield also improves Operator based weaponry! Highly recommended.


  1. Volt is... maybe not my favorite frame, but right up there. There are so many different ways to play him. Massive AOE caster, group buffer, or my absolute favorite way, the shielded Flash!

    For shield flash you go max str, high duration, low range, low efficiency even, and then slot in the augment for the shield ability that makes it damage enemies. Run around with the speed boost to max out the distance traveled buff, then drop a shield, fire #1 through it to electrify it, then pick it up, buff speed again (if needed) and start running through as many packs of enemies as you can. Any mobs that don't die from the electric damage of the shield hitting them goes flying, has electric status, and takes impact damage from the knockback, so... it works so nicely in defense missions. Just run in circles around the defense point. Too fun!

    1. Sheesh, too long since I looked at the "Shocking speed" build on mine.... use the shocking speed augment, not the shield augment.

      Spring Boost aura
      Rush exilus
      Primed Flow
      Primed Continuity
      Narrow Minded
      Transient Fortitude
      Quick Thinking
      Shocking Speed
      Fleeting Expertise 4/5
      Streamline 4/5

      Carry a rifle with Amalgam Serration for more sprint speed.
      Use the Twin Grakatas for the secondary. they empty super fast while buffed and reload almost instantly too.

      Soooo fun!

    2. Wow, thanks Magson! I didn't realize you could be a bulldozer Volt. I'll have to give that a try! =)