Saturday 17 April 2021

Cthulhu: Death May Die

Going crazy makes you stronger, but go too crazy and you die!

This miniature heavy box includes six missions that you can play against either Cthulhu or Hastur, who each add their own flavor to the tasks at hand - and in all cases it is too late to stop the ritual that is summoning them. Instead the goal of up to five cooperative (and already unhinged) investigators is to disrupt the proceedings so the big bads are summoned in a vulnerable state and then kill them.

It's a big box with lots of nice figurines.

Each investigator has three abilities, one of which being unique to them only, which level up as you go more and more insane. All of them also have stress tracker they can use to reroll dice, and there is A LOT of dice rolling here. Enemy movement is also simple: either a card moves or summons them or, more frequently, they just chase anyone who leaves their board space.

This can result in an army of cultists and monsters standing with you in a tiny pantry, which would be much easier to do if the board tiles were of a decent size. I think this is the biggest complaint of the game: the board pieces are too small. My only other complaint is one of the insanities handed out at the start is way harder to deal with than the rest. Other than that, it is a truly fun cooperative dice throwing romp that we greatly enjoy. Recommended! I give it three and a half tentacles out of five.

Coming up next are write ups or our play throughs through the each mission!

Chapter 1: Burning Insanity
Chapter 2: Dark Cata-Tomes
Chapter 3: The Ballroom Shuffle
Chapter 4: A Night at the Museum
Chapter 5: My Heart Will Go On
Chapter 6: Legend of the Moon
Chapter 7: Ritual Heist (Season 2)
Chapter 8: The Burning Woods
Chapter 9: Holy Murder
Chapter 10: Dig Deep
Chapter 11: Know when to Fold em
Chapter 12: The King in Yellow

That's it for now - thank you for reading!

Insight: To track the health of monsters, I use a similar method used in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. I just put the markers on a piece of paper listing the monster names rather than following the figures as they shamble around the board. You only really need to track the non-unique big ones.

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