Tuesday 17 January 2023

Rogue Legacy

Expect to die a lot!

In this side scrolling, platforming action game you play as an adventurer (and subsequent heirs) who delves into a horrible castle to try rid it of the evil dwelling within. Getting killed still gives you the collected gold for you to build up a castle of your own, right next door that can improve your heirs by giving them better stuff from the get go etc.

I do like that each heir is their own person, complete with their own class, strengths and clever pitfalls like can't see in color, or everything is dark, or everything being inverted.

Alas the part I hate most is that to go back into the evil castle costs you most of your unspent gold. That just seems like an unnecessary kick in the teeth to extend the grind, given that the castle upgrades later on do get quite pricey and often you will come back with not enough gold to do anything but lose most of it to re-enter the combat zone again.  

That singular bad and honestly cruel design decision is enough for me to say stay away from this game even if you like roguelikes.

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