Sunday 25 November 2018

Tomb of Annihilation (board game)

Acererak awaits!

Having defeated Ravenloft, Tomb of Annihilation was quite refreshing with all the new yet simple mechanics thrown in. Firstly 2/3rds of the tile stack are outdoor and spacious jungle zones, while the last 3rd is a tight, trap filled tomb.

It's amazing some of these minis are only used once!

I also appreciated the enemy progression this time, and increasing the amount of experience required to cancel an encounter card is an eloquent way to make things harder and drive home the theme.  The spell deck is the biggest feature, yet is only used a handful of times, more often than not by adversaries! All up, a very fun adventure romp that is an improvement on all the previous iterations. I highly recommend it and give it 4.5 zorbos out of 5.

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