Monday 2 January 2023

Slumberland and Everything Everywhere All at Once

One movie took us to the other...


To deal with grief, a young girl (played by Marlow Barkle), takes refuge in the world of dreams to not deal with real life and is rewarded for her narcolepsy! Ok, that aspect of it aside this is a really neat little film that has fantastic CGI and very cool concepts of what the dreaming world would be like.

If anything I would have liked to see more of it, the story is pretty good and there are a good number of laughs to be had especially with Jason Momoa's ridiculous character who dwells in Slumberland. We enjoyed it - recommended!

Everything Everywhere All at Once

An unhappy woman (played by Michelle Yeoh) gains the additional burden of saving the multiverse from an evil clown. Luckily she gains the ability to siphon skills from the other versions of herself, usually by doing something gross, which results in some hilarious situations and a number of good action sequences. Alas the plot was the undoing here as it goes too long for something that boiled down is pretty simple and while intentional, the quick cutting across universes and the over the top antagonist also detracts from the story. Not recommended as some long talking scenes took my wife to Slumberland. :P

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