Tuesday, 1 February 2022

GTFO: R6C3 - Pressure Point (Main)

While there's no boss this time around, this mission is centered around a Warden Scan where you have 2 minutes to prep followed by 30 minutes of chaotic survival and no, you can't stay put. Keeping the team together and getting them behind doors to mine as waves come is also essential as mines do a lot of work here - that's why two of the team brought them this time. Any time there's a regular door you are going through as a team, just close it and mine it behind you. Loadouts today were:

Me: Pistol/Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Spear
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Mines/Hammer
Jim: Hel Revolver/Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat

Knowing the map will help a lot so expect a few "learning" runs. While I will list out the general directions to travel, please note to always look out for extra supplies while moving or you will not survive. Also worth noting there are NO SLEEPERS at the start, so throw caution to the wind to loot stuff. Our first hold was the very first normal door to the NE of the drop point.

After that's done it's running time, exit back to the main room and head North down some stairs, up a ramp and a bit North East when you get to a room with small bridges. In the NE corner is a regular team scan door. Push straight through to the big door (North) nearby and then NW for a smaller door. You should be in a twisty corridor that leads to a blood door. Mine it, turret it, and team scan it but before opening make sure you've handled the wave behind you.

Hybrids are among the swarm when the door opens so take them out and push forward up some stairs. Take note to your right is a bulkhead door to Zone 172 - you'll be coming back here later. For now go through the NW door and mine it (there is a second door downstairs which should also be mined). The next regular team scan door is pretty obvious from here and you'll want to open that up and head west into Zone 171. This is a long corridor room so put sentries down covering the path you just came from.

Loot as you like but you MUST push further west past the another door to mine and into a smaller room which holds the bulkhead key. Once you grab it, wait for a wave to die against the mine then SPRINT out of there, retracing your steps East and down the staircase near the Zone 172 bulkhead. As you take the stairs down you'll see a small door to the left which is your destination. This tiny room contains the bulkhead control team scan and you will likely need to fight a wave of scum in here. Turrets facing the ladder is a good fallback.

Once done, go back up the stairs again and turn right to open the Bulkhead to Zone 172 (team scan) and push East as fast as you can. Note: from this point on there ARE sleepers. You can also jump from one corner of the pit to the other here if you want to save time. The next team scan door is behind a little door to the SE. Note: it might not be powered yet (powers up at 20 mins!) so setup defenses and hold until you can open that security door.

You will then be in a large room with walkways, head East. Now to "kill" time / use doors we detoured North here, and around a long corridor which leads back to the big room (see map below) and through the security door to the East which just has more gear and more doors to use. I think we only ended up using one before charging back out to the main room then through the South door which leads to a level III alarm scan / checkpoint scan (this door only powers up at 14 mins!) so defend until you can open it.

The white path was the jist of our successful run.

Important note with the Checkpoint: Eliminate the Wave completely before completing the checkpoint portion of the scan. If not, it might bug where you have endless waves with no break when you reload.

Once done go up the stairs and through the door East. You then want to go SE (more South than East). If you find yourself in a corridor with a "secondary" security door to the East you are in the wrong spot! Head through the South door from there to find a team scan security door you can already activate. You'll be in Zone 178 now, so keep pushing South until you find the security door to Zone 179. This only opens once the time has expired so setup defenses and in between waves scavenge what you can. Most of the time the baddies will arrive from the North. Expect hybrids at this point too.

At OO:OO the last security door will open on its own but the enemies won't stop. Run for the extraction scan while mining whatever doors you can behind you. It's a bit of a slow scan so fight to the last until it fills and you can finally GTFO!

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