Thursday 17 February 2022

Forgotten Waters: Dead or Alive

[A board game session from Forgotten Waters]

Calico Irma wasn't marooned alone for long as another crew consisting of Gunner Steelblitz, Lydia Lamore, Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham became shipwrecked on that isle. In under a week the lot were rescued by Captain Bonnie Calhoun who surprisingly looked a lot like a person wanted by the Grand Pirate Council for numerous crimes - including the theft of a tremendously fast vessel they had just stolen from the royal navy and the abduction of the pirate king's pet penguin Flip Flops.

Turning her in would make them all rich but first they'd need to find proof to convince the other sailors of her "turncoat" identity, so Rackham sneaks into her quarters and finds a hint that someone named Gizzard Jim might be able to help with that. Alas, the Gizzard's location is surrounded by storms so they sail the long way around past a reef where some of the crew go missing (Captain Calhoun claims they were eaten by a bear). They also run into royal navy ships but somehow Captain Calhouns sloop is way too fast for them!

Still, the ship is quickly deteriorating as Anne experiments with her potions on Steelblitz who in turn experiments with bombs that damage the vessel. Rackham is also quick to show off his sword skills, killing their own crew in duels! They are forced to make a pit stop at Port Hvarti which for some reason is crawling with an unusual amount of ship traffic. Docking on the far side they quickly fix up the vessel and then set sail to Gizzard Jim's hideaway who confirms Captain Bonnie isn't who she says she is. The clincher though is when Steelblitz spies Captain Calhoun playing with monkeys because everyone knows only a turncoat plays with monkeys!

I miss Black Sails.

With the crew backing them, Captain Calhoun is tied up and admits to being the wanted person. She says Flip Flops is in her safe house in Port Hvarti so after sending a pelican messenger to inform the Grand Pirate Council, the crew head back there finding even more vessels now docked there. Suddenly, Captain Calhoun manages to overpower Anne with a poison bomb grenade and escapes to a nearby vessel with Rackham and Lydia hot on her tail just as the Grand Pirate Council fleet arrives.

Rackham almost gets her blade to her when he gunned down by none other than Captain Razor who promptly also apprehends Lydia Lamore. Captain Calhoun laughs and explains she setup the perfect trap as every docked ship unfurls their sails - revealing themselves to be pirate hunters! As the massive battle between the two fleets commence, the remaining crew high tail it out of there on their fast sloop only to have Captain Calhoun somehow catch up with her man-o-war! Unfortunately for her, her new ship is no match for her old one which was prepared well before coming here and Steelblitz sends her and her crew down to Davy Jones...

But before it can sink, a bigger and even more menacing vessel smashes through it and right into the sloop, crushing Calico Irma! It is the ship of Captain Bloodsack of the Grand Pirate Council who wants vengeance on the traitors! Having two boss fights in a row is quite tough, but somehow Anne and Steelblitz manage to sink him too. Alas, Anne's "cure" for Captain Calhoun's poison is what ends up killing her, leaving Steelblitz and the remaining crew the task of raiding the Grand Pirate Council base for their now lightly guarded treasures.

Ultimately, after losing both eyebrows, a number of fingers and toes, an arm and a leg, Steelblitz retires from the pirate life and uses his share of the treasure to open a bakery. Elsewhere, Captain Razor survived the battle against the Grand Pirate Council and executes Lydia Lamore.

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