Saturday 12 February 2022

Forgotten Waters

Another pirate themed board game!

In this three to seven player cooperative / semi-competitive everyone is a pirate. Each mission you all fill out a mad-lib's style character sheet and during the course of the adventure are encouraged to fill in as many dots on your unique constellation (when actions permit) so that you get a good or legendary ending. Doing so often means not helping the actual mission though!

It's a crazy game.

Everyone is also assigned roles on the ship, though the roles are almost easy enough for one person to man them all. Lastly there's an ocean map to lay hex tiles on and an adventure book, but the most important thing you need is a tablet to run the digital app to select / setup / and play each mission which are all fully voice acted (at least in the base game)! These stories are usually incredibly humorous but some go really dark really fast. As it is on the lengthier side, each mission is also split into two parts so you can "save the game" to continue later which is great.

I didn't think I'd enjoy this one as much as I am, so I'll definitely be sharing stories of our play throughs soon enough. If you don't mind the technology side to play a board game and have a friendly crew to play with, I highly recommend this one!

Play through chapters:
Beyond the Ocean's Edge
The Witch's Heart
Dead or Alive
Spoils of the Damned
Nature's Splendor

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