Tuesday 17 February 2015

One Finger Death Punch

Perhaps the epitome of "Keep It Simple, Stupid".

Got this neat little indie title as a present and while it has no real story and all the characters are stick figures it is surprisingly addictive. It's also nice to see tool tips that thank the player for playing and supporting the product, as I can't remember the last time I've seen that. Game wise, basically you go around a pretty big, multi-path map beating up everyone with your two button kung fu which is amplified by unlockable skills that activate after killing x number of opponents. I quite like that they have a pretty good (though small) sound track in the background and that each stage is quite small, the largest maybe taking 5 minutes, and easily repeatable if you fail or just want to get a better mastery rank.

Interestingly, mastery is counted via your number of misses so if you want to be the best stick kung fu dude each punch must connect. Difficulty wise there are three ranks which you will have to go through in sequence to unlock the next (the type I don't like, ala Diablo), on top of the Speed tracker between each stage shifts slightly to either increase the enemy speed (if you keep winning) or decrease the enemy speed (if you keep losing).

While there are differing "stages" like mob rounds, throwing weapon rounds, defense against throwing weapon rounds, boss rounds, surival rounds, etc. they all really come down to bashing something to the left or right. Repetitive? Yes. Addictive? Yes. The only time I've found new controls is in the funny final survival mode of "No Luca No". Overall I give it two and a half fingers of death out of five as it is a pretty enjoyable way to lose a few hours. :P

Guess who Luca is.

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