Sunday 24 January 2021

GTFO: R4C2 - Pabulum (Normal)

Finally won another mission in GTFO - this time we're in R4C2: Pabulum, with the almost standard loadout of DMR/Sniper/Mines (DL), DMR/Combat Shotty/Cfoam (Jim), and Autopistol/Machine Gun/Auto turret (me). My particular kit this round is focused on stunning enemies rather than killing as there's a sh*t load of them who will make your circle standing hell.

Immediately after the drop you've got a huge circular chamber with a pit in the middle that has three doors branching from it. The base objective is to retrieve 15 jars of GLP so use the terminal to scan ahead where you need to go / what doors you *must* open, keeping in mind one the doors to Z8 from this circle chamber requires a key.

The blood door holds a nightmarish swarm of hybrids who will give you a run for your money in a shooting contest, but luckily that is one door we didn't need to enter on our succesful run. Instead, we hit the large class IV alarm to Z10 first which is tricky in that the swarm comes from your drop point and the circles also sometimes go there.

Hopefully you get lucky on placement, but half the battle is preparation - mines (at least one at giant height) and the auto turret facing the top of the ladder was our setup. You can also parkour across some tubes and on the railings to buy time while drawing/running from enemies.

Z10 itself is filled with big rooms but only one or two will be packed with enemies. It also branches out into three more zones, and on this run we skipped the North one (class III alarm) because we knew there was enough GLP elsewhere and opened the non-alarmed West door first, to find a pair of scouts! As the designated hammer assassin I managed to bop them both with a lot of patience and good spotting from DL and Jim.

After looting everything its on to the South security door which looks like a regular non alarm scan but is actually a CLASS IV alarm. Mine and cfoam all three doors (we found lots of cfoam grens) and with Jim on door icing duty we managed to complete the scan before even one broke. The turret and my autopistol also helped in holding the wave afterwards.

Beyond the door is basically a sneak mission. You need to get everything and escape without waking up the MOTHER sleeping inside. Stressful but easy peasy for us now. One of the items here is the KEY to Z8 back at the start so that's where we go next - after a large mining type cavern there's a non-alarmed security door leading into tiny dark rooms. Any room that looked bad we just skipped unless we confirmed a GLP was inside. Collecting the last of the 15 we then returned to the extract point and setup defenses. Sure enough, entering the final team scan triggers a wave but just as they came into view we got to 100% scan and GTFO. =)

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