Sunday 22 August 2021

The Dark Crystal (1982)

World building puppetry.

A thousand years ago, the evil Skeksis conquered the world. Now, it is up to a boy from the Gelfling dying race to fulfill the prophecy to end their reign. Despite having a few plot holes, a narrator, and being able to hear the main character's thoughts, this is an absolute joy to watch. Yes the puppets and sets are cool, but the world building is fantastic.

The production team are masters of their craft.

There are parts where the hero is simply walking through the forest and the variety of flora and fauna Jim Henson's crew thought of are astounding to behold. I can easily recommend this fantasy adventure for everyone and would definitely watch it again. Four and a half fizzgigs out of five. If you want more, there is also the Age of Resistance which I've already reviewed previously.

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