Monday 23 August 2021


Where moving backward and forward in time collide.

If that sounds awkward, it's because it is.

Someone from the future is sending "inverted" tech back in time and its up to reluctant protagonist (John David Washington) to investigate and put a stop to these shenanigans. Visually, this is pretty cool and the actors are all great. The sound track is excellent though in some parts drowns out some conversation. Plot wise? This one is tough.

There are many excellent elements that lead to nice scenes but being able to grasp the guns that don't fire bullets - they catch them, is very strange. It is compounded exponentially when people, vehicles and at one point almost the entire world is going backwards. I found it really messy to keep track of, but was very entertained nonetheless. It's a nice movie, but try not to  get a headache watching it. I give it two and a half backward driven cars out of five. Also, I think I would like to watch it again now that I know what's going on.

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