Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Army of the Dead don't Die

Two zombie movies, one is garbage.

Army of the Dead

When an accident sees Las Vegas becomes ground zero for a zombie contagion, the military somehow manage to seal it off and plan to nuke it "to make sure". Prior to that bomb going off, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) is tasked with assembling a crew to rob the vault beneath one of the casinos because human greed always surpasses common sense.

And one character was just added digitally post production.

This results in some pretty cool action scenes with a lot of gore and bullets, as well as the mandatory "characters making stupid decisions" trope. Still, it's better than I thought it would be and actually would recommend it to zombie / action fans. Just turn off your brain for the best enjoyment. :P I give it three cigars smoked next to fuel lines out of five.

The Dead Don't Die

Mostly focusing on a pair of cops (Adam Driver and Bill Murray) driving around a zombie apocalypse, this horror comedy falls very short on both fronts with nothing very scary and nothing very funny - and while it's fine that the little plot explains nothing the pacing is horrible. Absolutely horrible.

You can easily turn this on, go do something else for thirty minutes and come back and you still wouldn't have missed anything! An abundance of traversal scenes and worse, repeated scenes just plague this film worse than the zombies. Not recommended as there are better things you can do with your life. Want zombies? Watch Army of the Dead instead. You want something funny? Watch Danger 5 instead. There at least you'll enjoy it immediately or hate it from the get go but at least something is happening!

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