Wednesday 25 August 2021

Chernobyl 1986 (movie) and Blood Red Sky

Two disasters. Only one isn't boring...

Chernobyl 1986

Don't worry, I'll always be an indecisive idiot.

When flakey fireman Alexey reunites with his old flame Olga it feels like a midday drama come to true. The actors do a good job with what they are given but the plot simply plods along until for unexplained reasons the reactor explodes , and then the story becomes ultra interesting continues to plod along slowly. It almost feels like they were intentionally adding padding in some cases.

I for one always wondered why they didn't make a movie about the Chernobyl "dive team" and now I have my answer. At least the film is upfront about being fictional with the characters but it really feels second rate compared to the HBO Chernobyl series. Watch that one instead. I give this one and a half ropes out of five and wouldn't watch it again.

Blood Red Sky

Nadja (Peri Baumeister) does a great job of being a caring mother to her sometimes capable but more often annoying, headstrong kid. She also does a great job of being a self conscious vampire seeking treatment for her condition overseas. This involves a flight that unfortunately has hijackers involved. Queue the vamp on a plane shenanigans which prove to be highly entertaining.

Ready for some in-flight entertainment.

The plot moves along at a quick pace for this action flick and there is a decent body count and gore to go with it so yes, I very much enjoyed this one and can recommend it to other action / vampire fans. I give it three autopilots out of five and would watch it again.

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