Monday 2 August 2021

GTFO: R5A1 - Floodways (Extreme)

With our previous extreme mode win, we opted to try this one next with exactly the same load out from the last run as we didn't know what we'd be up against.

Jim: DMR/Shotgun/Sniper Sentry
Archer: Heavy SMG/Sniper/Auto Sentry
Me: SMG/Shotgun/Cfoam
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines

First off, you still need to do the regular objective so head East and "OVERRIDE_LOCKDOWN" at the mission terminal. On your way there you should encounter the bulkhead key so be sure to pick it up! As you return West towards the extraction point you will encounter the bulkhead control (query/ping it if you can't find it, its in a small room with two small balconies) and elect to unlock the extreme bulkhead nearby, which thankfully is just a normal open with no alarm. Expect single scouts in every zone here on in.

The extreme task is to retrieve six plant samples (that look like ammo pack sized cylindrical containers) so find a terminal and work out which zones you want to open. There will be three security doors to pick from which need power, and you will only have one cell at the start (behind each door is another) so make sure to power the right generator for the right door. We only needed to open two to get our plant quota but I'm sure all three doors are Class III S alarms = 3 big circles that need the full team standing on it for the % to increase. This is the main challenge and one we almost failed in but Jim saved the day!

Worth noting the spawn seems to get super heavy in those zones, but all you need is a door and a mine to clear most of them out (mine door, shoot into room and kill something, close door immediately after gunshot). Be careful of the awful ceiling sac respawns on your way out and then continue to the extract point. Hopefully you still have enough c-foam for the final scan! Victory here means we've now unlocked the C level, an even more horrific area to GTFO!

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