Wednesday 4 August 2021

The Banner Saga

While I've already reviewed the first two games, I only recently got the third (which is more of the same) - so I figured why not play it all again and do a story it? Spoilers ahead if you've not played them yet, otherwise sit back and enjoy my clunky play through of the entire saga! As always, I'm taking some creative license so your play through might not match mine, even if you pick the same choices. :)

Chapter 1 - The Worst General
Chapter 2 - A Measure of Quality
Chapter 3 - The Fleet of Boersgard
Chapter 4 - Split the Party
Chapter 5 - Flight of the Ravens
Chapter 6 - A Bed of Enemies
Chapter 7 - The Light in the Dark
Chapter 8 - Saving the World
Chapter 9 - After the End

This story has concluded! Thank you for reading!

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