Sunday, 8 August 2021

GTFO: R5B1 - Smother (Normal)

Hopefully you've gotten used to scout bashing because you will need those skills here. This time we're looking for an HSU (vertical body bag), which is the hardest part outside the scouts since it's under time pressure. Our load outs this round were:

Archer: Heavy SMG/Sniper/Auto Sentry
Jim: DMR/Shotgun/Auto Sentry
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines
Me: Pistol/Hel Gun/Auto Sentry

From the drop you'll encounter a huge room that always has sleepers. Clear them out and get used to the room. There's a terminal in the Northwest on the top most gantry, and you'll want to find where the color key is (LIST KEY then QUERY) and what zone your HSU is in.

You'll need the key first, and that will either be to the North or West non-alarm security doors. The only thing of note here is that sometimes there are zero scouts, sometimes there are two. Handle them as you see fit - stealth always preferred. Afterwards, back to the huge room and unlock the East door with the key you found. Opening it will trigger a class IV alarm (big circle, little circles, big circle) so prep defenses against the zone you opened. If you opened both, expect enemies from both.

Past the East door there will be a single scout either in this room or the next, and you need to traverse both rooms to get to the next security door which is again non-alarmed. Beyond this is a large, tunnel type chamber which is home to spikey charger sleepers and two scouts (always). Clear it quietly if you can, then you have a choice of error alarm doors - either will start summoning fast waves of giant charger pairs. Pick the one that holds your HSU and setup a giant height mine and maybe a volunteer to handle the first wave while everyone else rushes in to find the terminal to PING the HSU.

This is the most annoying part of the level if you don't know the layout so to give you a leg up if you open zone 98 - run to the left staying on the ground level for a four or five seconds. Once you reach the lit area you should see the terminal against the left wall just after a small regular door. If you open zone 96 it's easier - run to the top of the staircase, open the big regular door then follow the right wall - the terminal is very close to the door you just opened.

Once you find the correct HSU (of course there are dozens of them so good luck) you will initiate a team scan. Hold position and once the scan completes the waves stop spawning. You still need to deal with any left overs though. Rejoice, for now you can head back to the extraction spot but first setup defenses again as the slow exfiltration scan triggers giant chargers again. If you heavily defend the right hallway (looking out at the first huge room) then the enemies shouldn't even get close to you as you GTFO!

Extra note: Hel weapons that pierce through enemies work very well against chargers, because unlike normal sleepers who run at you then sort of side step dance the spikey boys often rush you in columns.

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