Sunday 22 August 2021

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Where infinite time and infinite resources still make for difficult puzzles.

This falls definitely into the puzzle game category as the main gameplay is written in the title: constructing bridges. It plays much like "The Incredible Machine" where everything is paused while you build things and give your survivors simple commands (go right, climb up, etc) - then you hit play, watch the result, and usually head back to the build phase to improve your design until you win the challenge.

It's all about the triangles Daryl!

It is not easy. Even the simple "build a bridge from point A to point B" requires knowing how to construct supports to be able to take the weight of the bridge and whatever is traveling over it, be it survivors, vehicles or zombie hordes - complicated by the decision of what material to build your bridge with. The Walking Dead trappings are a nice touch with characters from the series showing up, each with some special ability but if your building skills aren't up to scratch, those won't save you.

Recommended to those who like puzzle and/or bridge building games I give it two cables out of five. If like me, you are a Walking Dead fan but are no good at puzzles, then skip this one.

Insight: Read the help section right away.

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