Thursday 5 August 2021

The Purge (TV series)

Exploring further depravity.

Based off the movies, this two season series tells very different tales per season. So different that the entire cast roster changes between them! While season one is set almost entirely on purge night, it follows four different story threads that only really tie together towards the very end of it. When it does happen it's very cool, but until that point you are following some people that honestly you simply hope will just die every episode.

One of the funniest purgers.

Season two is much better, where again there are separate story threads but they quickly interact with each other early in the season. Surprisingly, this season starts at the end of a purge night then for the most part covers what happens in the year leading up to the next purge - covered by the final episodes. Less stupid people this time around gets it an extra thumbs up.

If you like action dramas then this might be for you (this series is even further from "horror" than the movies). If you really got into the purge movies, then this series is definitely for you. Two and a half god masks out of five.

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