Thursday 26 August 2021

Incomplete Feels: Verdun Genshin Impact

Something's missing.


This mainly PVP WW1 trench warfare shooter has people group up into squads of four (with 32 max on each side) to compete in either pure death match or to push forward the front line in matches across various maps. Note: there are some co-op vs AI modes but those feel tacked on. While weapon load outs can be unlocked with XP points, they are mainly fixed to the company and squad member you are playing so not everyone will not have the same gear even if they are on the same side.

Two people shooting one enemy? What a waste of ammo.

While it works well enough there is one glaring problem in it for me: Ammo. You spawn with ammo, and that's all you get. There is no method to get more, nor can you collect gear from fallen allies or enemies. This means at some point, you will be running up to the enemy to punch/melee them which is really annoying and also makes the game feel incomplete. Out of ammo? Just go die and respawn to start having fun again. Stupid design. Still worth a look if you are interested, but not one for my gaming group. I give it one and a half executions for desertion out of five. Yeah, don't run off the map.

Genshin Impact

Set on a fantasy world with incredibly cute slimes, you are tasked with finding your sibling who has been abducted by a god. The gorgeous world is currently at a decent size and great to explore, especially with your glider and the combat system which focuses on how elements interact with each other is really neat. Voice and music wise, it's also very good and the story is quite easy to get engrossed in.

"Hmm, something is missing though..."

Until you are forcibly pushed out to do "fillers". Yep, since story chapters have a mandatory "Adventure Rank" level you need to reach before unlocking expect to your main quest (in the prologue it's protecting a city from a dragon) to be interrupted by the likes of chores such as food delivery, obtaining a glider license and retrieving books that need to be returned to the library. Dailies and weeklies exist too, because we can't neglect everyone's favorite (sarcasm) "kill ten rats" quests. It's always surprises me to find MMO mechanics in single player games, that's just poor design. I grind enough in MMOs thank you.

To top that off, you also are basically stuck with your initial party unless you play the gambling gachapon stuff (recruit at random) AND on top of fillers between actual story, the edges of the world reek of being unfinished BECAUSE IT IS. That's a shame because it's such a nice game but these problems just suck the fun out of it. Worse: instead of devs releasing actual content, they just keep putting out more and more gachapon characters because that's easier. 

In it's current state, I don't recommend this to anyone as it's currently just a really pretty money toilet. If you still want to try it out, I hope you enjoy flushing.

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