Wednesday 12 June 2019

KCD: You had One Job!

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

You are Henry the peasant and Henry sucks at pretty much everything so you'll need to pay attention to the fantastic (and somewhat lengthy) intro that gives you the bare basics of the game, such as when faced with a strong enemy force, RUN THE HECK AWAY.

Now would be a good time to do that.

Since the map is huge, you might be tempted to use the fast travel system that unlocks as you find villages, towns, and random encounters. Good news, it will save you the player some time! Bad news, Henry also sucks at fast travel and will take the slowest route possible. You also can't stop midway to go exploring.

In a game where you have timed quests and missions where you must be at location x at a particular time, this isn't really ideal. Going cross country with stamina management is faster in game (handy to remember during races), but makes it more walking simulator for you. Especially if you are overloaded with gear, because if you are - you can't fast travel anyway!

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