Thursday 20 June 2019

KCD: Clinch Lock

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

If the walking backwards method sounds cowardly then this post is for you. If you want to be aggressive, make sure you have the armor to back you up. Winning a fist fight is easy in full plate so use the opportunity to practice "clinching"!

A "clinch" happens when you walk into an enemy and you try push each other away (F key mashing on PC). It helps to have heavier armor and higher strength. Winning it pushes your foe back and leaves them open to one free shot if you don't delay. I recommend the over hand or pierce as previously stated.

Clinching enemies into corners leads to quick victories!

In a tournament style combat where there are "corners" you can easily win if you can force your opponent into a corner then clinch lock him (clinch - bash - repeat until low stam). Remember that the more you fight, the better you get at fighting so always participate in the Rattay Tourney when it comes around - even if you feel you aren't ready!

Eventually, you'll be of a high enough level to learn "master strikes" - in the next post!

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