Tuesday 18 June 2019

KCD: Learn through Doing

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

It is worth mentioning that every skill and trait in this game is improved through use (once unlocked). If you want to gain stamina, jog everywhere. Want to be better at fighting? Fight more. Want to be the best thief locksmith around? Pick every lock you see.

If you have the coin, I also recommend paying a trainer of a said skill to level you up (though that only works four times). Alternatively, reading skill books will help. Of course, Henry doesn't know how to read / is dyslexic (remember he sucks at everything at the start) so you first need to pay for tutelage in that but it is well worth it. If only he could take swimming classes too...

It gets less jumbled the higher your reading skill.

Special mention needs to be made of archery. While you -the player- can make up for Henry's shaky aim via practice at an archery range, make sure to wear vambraces / arm protectors until you get past archery level 5, otherwise you will hurt your own arm with each shot. The bow also serves as your "interaction" device for things out of reach, like nests and branches.

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